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The Students In The School Took The Almost Dying Student's Pain As A Joke

A news about a student dying due to the rag he got after entering to a school newly has been reported from Russia. This student named sergei caspar has studied in another school very brightly before and had entered to the new school for higher studies.

The students in this new school had tied his hands and legs and had put his head into a toilet and then later had taken him and put him on the ground of the classroom. While pushing him to the floor his neck had hit on a desk nearby and the other students have laughed when he was shouting with pain thinking that he was acting.

After inquiring him later on they have noticed that he was in a cure less state and they had taken steps to get him to a hospital immediately. Somehow foreign news reports that the student died after sometime from admitting to the hospital.The video of him getting attacked can be found below.


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