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I Am A Direct Leader Who Will Live In My Motherland Even In The Future

Mr. Mahinda rajapaksha said that he will build a safe country and a good future for the future generation yesterday (05). Mr.Rajapaksha who mentioned this while addressing a election advertising rally in debarawewa contributed to some last advertising rallies in ambalangoda, mathugama and kesbewa areas yesterday.

He said that he wont divide his motherland due to an election and that he wont agree to the requests of betraying the country as a leader who always does what he says. He also said that he wont accept the principal of free education mentioned in the principal announcement of the common candidate after he wins the election and that these principals announced will go to the dust-bin. He further said that as a direct leader he did not run away from prabhakaran and that he will be living in this country in  the future too.


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