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All The Bus Fairs Deducted With In The Range From 8% To 10%

The bus fair that was deducted with the reducing of the oil price will be operated from today on wards. The transport authorities and the bus societies agreed to deduce the bus fair by 8% from today on wards. The lowest bus fair that was rs.9 will be reduced to rs.8 from today on-wards.

The rs.13 will be reduced to rs.12. The rs.18 bus fair will be reduced to rs.15 and the rs.20 will be reduced to rs.18. The former  prices of rs.201 will be reduced to rs.184.Also the rs.301 will be deducted to rs. 274 and the rs.400 to rs.368. The national transport commission mentioned that all the other bus fairs will be reduced between  the range from 8% to 10% and that steps will be taken to show the new prices with banners in buses.


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